What We Do

Only The Best

Here at The Fishing Buddy we aim to help give you the best possible fishing experience. This not only starts with your shopping experience, but the products you buy. We too are fanatical fishermen and know exactly what it's like to buy or receive tackle that doesn't hit the mark ! 

  That is why we only sell products that we are happy to use ourselves, yes that means our product range is less than most, but we only want you to buy what you need and what's right for you. 

   Our Brand selection is very important to us. Quality and value for money are at the top of our priorities,  but also how the brand reacts within the sport. 

Fishing Rods


 We currently stock Trabucco, Cinnetic, Vega, Grauvell and Akios rods. 

Whilst we are always testing and on the look out for other brands, we feel these are fantastic brands covering all bases. 

We are dedicated to finding the rod best suited to your style of fishing, area fished and spieces targeted, and we are happy for you to pop down and feel the rods. 

Fishing Reels


For us this is just as important as picking the right rod. 

It needs to be balanced with the rod and able to handle the desired conditions. Whilst most of the reels we sell are fixed spool, we can also supply a fully range of Akios Multipliers. 

Fishing Tackle


The sharp end so to speak, not only do we supply a full range of ready tied rigs and can produce them to any specification, we only supply products that we are happy to use ourselves and that means terminal tackle too.

 We have a full range of hooks, swivels, clips, lines, flourocarbons and weights.


  All of our rigs are tied using these products and are used by amateur anglers and match winning anglers alike.

Online VS In Store


Why not have both?

We are here for you! Giving you the best service we can. We have a small shop type outlet where customers are more than welcome to come and handle the rods, reels and tackle, make their choices and purchase their products. However we able to provide the best price we can, helping you obtain the equipment you want at a price you want to pay.